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I made these two headshots to two guys on G+.They were the ones that gave me confidence to keep going on drawing,always giving me compliments on my drawings :3

The first pony belongs to BronyBr over on…
The second pony belongs to iGames over on…
Okay,sai just trolled me and closed while I was finishing a drawing.I only needed to shade it a little Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1]
Next gen: Sunflare sword
Wow finally got this guy like i wanted
"Wow,friendship is magic?that is a strange thing for you to say"

Build:Very tall,lanky
Parents: Twilight sparkle,Flash sentry
Special talent:Magic,creating magic weapons
Place of birth/residence: Ponyville/twilight´s castle
Flare is the son of the princess of friendship Twilight sparkle and the guard Flash sentry,he is really calm and a good leader,but also a jerk when he wants to.Magic is one of the things he is the best at,being trained by his mom and his cousin,also they trained him to be a good prince but that is something he wants far away from him he hates the prince´s duties and likes to run away from them to just roll around the town or train for the guard.

Relationships: (Look what i updated :3)
-Flare is close to both of his parents but is closer to flash since he doesn´t make him stay in those boring lectures and doing nothing for 5 hours straight.

-His sister is what he defines as pure adorableness,he would kill anyone that hurts her.

-He and his cousins have a great relationship,specially with Alpha since he lives with him since flare was born and when flare does not escape from the castle they are seen sparring and reading together

-Flare and is in good terms with the other royals and gets really well with Enigma because he sometimes helps him escape his royal duties much to misty´s desmay

-Enima and Flurry are his escape buddies,they spend a lot of time together when they manage to escape from the royal duties

-Flare and spectrum´s relationship is mainly about insults and teasing but deep down they like each other...right?..

-Neptune and solaria are two of his best buddies mainly because they help him coming up with nicknames and discovering new things to trease him about

-Pixie is in good terms with him they don´t hate each other but they are not that close mainly because he thinks Pixie´s personality is too much for him

-Prince Alexandrite and Flare have deep respect with each other and because their families are so close he thinks of him like a cousin than just a normal friend

-He deeply hates apollo flirty behaviour and doesn´t get along at all with him specially when he is flirting with Specs

-Thunder and Flare respect each other and are in good terms

-Flare is the 3rd tallest of my mane six next gen only being a little smaller than neptune and getting stomped by Alex
-He was a unicorn before ascending to alicornhood
-His magic is really powerful and thanks to it he ascended to alicornhood at a really young age(6)
-Flare is really good at singing,mostly because of twilight and his cousin Alpha
-When he was little he had a little elephant stuffed animal named peanut which was given by Alpha 
-He gets sick really easily and when this happens he loses control over his magic and breaks his horn so that he will not hurt anyone,also Twilight and Alpha will stop whatever they are doing to take care of him
-He used to be babysitted by Enigma and Misty,celestia did this so that their relationship would get better which didn´t turn out that well


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Hello i´m whinter i love to draw and try new things :3


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